Top 10 things to do in Goa

Goan House with pool

About the place – Goa is situated in the coastal region in India and mainly in the west coast. It has many tourist spots, monuments, churches, museums, waterfalls, wildlife forests, beaches, temples, lakes, hills and mountains. It attracts a huge numbers of visitors here in every year and also comes in a list of one of the top rated tourist destinations in the country. People come here to relax, explore the places, try some authentic Goan food, and click some amazing pictures.  To really explore Goa, you can visit a nice site that I came across at

Culture & cuisine – it is considered as westernized State of India, as the residents adopted the western culture and it is a former Portuguese Colony, also known as the ‘Rome of the East’. It is enriched with dance, music, folk songs, visual arts, traditional food and folk tales. It is also known as the multi-ethnic state due to a majority of Hindu and Muslim communities along with minority of Catholics. The people live here in the state participate in each other’s religious festivals and is famous for its Indo-Latin Festivals. It is also very famous for its night clubs, bars, shacks and casinos, where people go, relax, dance, drink and enjoy the music.

Attractions – people can visit to many places and tourist spots present here and those places can be temples, museums, churches, forts, etc. Some of the popular tourist spots are like Baga beach, Dudhsagar falls, Palolem beach, Fort Aguada, Candolim beach, Panaji (the capital city) and lot more.

If you want, something different you can visit three offbeat places in Goa

Here is the list of top ten things to do in Goa and they are as follows:-

  1. Learn the Goan cuisine at cookery classes – it can be an exciting experience of learning some new food dishes in a cookery class for the people who are interested in cooking. Here visitors come to known about culinary journey of state’s cuisine, its specialties, the key ingredients, it is a delicate and eclectic cuisine as the local people says.
  2. Get a massage session – for the top leisure sessions one can opt for a massage treatment, can relax and refresh the mind in the session.
  3. Enjoy sport fishing – the coastal areas, the seas and water escapes of this place are filled with some fantastic sport fishing activities. People can take a ride on a speed boat and enjoy fishing just for fun.
  4. Visit to the famous Dudhsagar falls – this is famous four tiered waterfalls located on the Mandovi River, it is an irresistible tourist destination that must be seen by the visitors who are coming for their vacation.
  5. Explore the Dolphin watching tours – here in the Baga beach mainly, the tour operators offers a special package of Dolphin watching tours in every morning accept in the monsoon season. Tourists can take a boat ride to watch these beautiful sea creatures and click some selective snaps.
  6. Travel and enjoy the sightseeing in full day tour – in the southern region of the state, there are many places and sites like Basilica de Bom Jesus, St. Cathedral Church, Mahalsa Temple and lot more.
  7. Visit to some spice plantation farms – there are many spice farms present here in the state where visitors can explore the variety of spices grown here.
  8. Crocodile sightseeing and bird watching tours – people can spend time travelling in the back waters in the Zuari River to see the crocodiles, local birds and migratory birds.
  9. Travel to Sunny Island – this island can be reach through the vehicles travels through the Candolim, Baga and Calangute beaches. Here people can enjoy their food; drinks and can relax for many hours.
  10. Visit to Anjuna Flea Market – the Anjuna beach is one of the famous beaches in the state; the Flea market is huge and has lots of shopping stalls where people can enjoy shopping all the day.